Most of Us Will Have Almost No Descendants 1000 Years From Now

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Actually it’s worst in Asia. Gengish Khan Y chromosome mutation shows up in 2% of Asian population.

So this is how gene pool survival works.

Most of us will have very few to no descendants 1 thousand years from now.

Some of us will father the rest.

How to compute?

Well, each of your children is half your descendant. So if you have 2 children, you have 1 descendant in the next generation. That number may decrease or increase.

After 1 thousand years, it may actually go to 0.

If you count each of your children as 1 descendant then yea, it’s hard to go extinct. But if you look at your proportion of DNA in future generations, it can go up or down.

This is another thing interesting.

Look at ancient people with more descendants.

Those are
1. Kings (power)
2. Adulterous males (those who sleep with tons of others’ wife).
3. The rich?

In Asia, it’s usually the first way.
In europe, it’s kind of tricky. Having many women is politically incorrect no matter how honest and victimless you do it. So you might as well go all the way bang other’s wife.

But why others’ wife? Why not single girls? Because kids need support. In Europe it’s impossible to openly support many women. So you need some sucker cuckold to do that for you.

The rich? Hmmm… Not sure. In ancient China, and seems to be in ancient china only, people do have more children by being richer.

Power is the best predictor on how many children you have rather than wealth. Ancient emperors have tons of children.

What about women?

Women that pick the right men will also have more descendants. The way descendants work are some kind of partnership. Your children will successfully reproduce if and only if their mom’s children do.

So, one easy way to see what women want is to look at the kind of males that were successful at producing children in the past. Women that pick that kind of males were also successful in the gene pool. Those women then have the same preference with their motherly ancestors.

Of course, humans are not that conservative. Nowadays, with welfare males having more children than millionaire, it’s not strange that women prefer a poor stud rather than a rich man. That’s especially true if she’s married and will have money anyway no matter what she does.

Another reason why no rich smart men should ever get married.

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