Meritocracy or Diversity?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Some people believe in meritocracy. Hire people based on merit and only on merit. Use standardized test scores.

Another want diversity. Hire women or blacks.

Of course there are people that want to hire only white or whatever, however those are far beyond normal I never hear them in Mensa Firehouse or any mensa forum.

Here a journal is shelved for not promoting diversity. People don’t debate it. People don’t make rebuttal. No. The journal is just shelved.

Sometimes I wonder, which one will produce more result, and when?
Meritocracy or diversity?

When there is government enforcing certain values, obviously the value favored by the government would prevail.

For example, if the government favor hiring women, then company that hire strictly based on merit may not get government contract. That affects profit.

But what about crypto businesses? What about war? There is no “God” above or government that have any value.

Western government is pro women and against men.

Men are more likely to pay tax and less likely to receive benefit in western countries. I’ve heard there are shelters for women but no shelters for men. Single mothers are treated better than single fathers.

But well. It’s men that fight war. It’s men that win war.

The Taliban is on the other extreme. They just turn women into sex slaves for men that fight for them.

Not that I am advocating it. But well, they won didn’t they?

Why would men fight for a system that discriminate against them? Why would men die for someone else’s wives’ and children?

I am disgusted with welfare because I wouldn’t want my tax money to fund my competitors’ welfare.

Warriors switch side in Afganistan. Rich businessmen reincorporate in tax haven. At the end, on top of governments and their laws, we have natural laws and competition that no body can change.

And it makes me wonder how long will western civilization last if it stops being meritocratic?

When they see greed and selfishness not as something to be properly aligned for mutual benefit but as something wrong that needs to be squashed.

They are rich, but they don’t produce as many children as Islam. What’s the point of being rich if money go to others’ children?

Would ideology, that’s say cruel, evil, but benefit men take over? Time will tell.

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