Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I jokingly said I want to empower rich men. I am actually an egalitarian.

What I mean is I want to empower all productive people. I simply realized that smart pretty women can be more productive in a very different way than men. Onlyfans pay for women, for example, is far higher for women than for men.

So women are more productive than men by showing skins in onlyfans. A men with a similar IQ, for example, will be earn more salary by just being programmer. What I found repulsive is if the state actively encourages smart pretty girls to be programmers like men instead of earning more money in onlyfans.

We can measure productivity by salary. By that definition, sugar babies are also very productive and should be empowered too so they don’t have to settle for mere husbands, for example. Well, it turns out, whatever I think there is already some white guy that thinks the same way as I do and I agree with many of their concern.

Notice that feminism actually has lots of men’s influence. Men compete against other men and tend to be more hostile to fellow men and more protective toward women. So many of the issue is actually natural and can’t be changed.

Also, many of the issues, is thankfully, not an issue in Indonesia. We don’t go to jail for not paying child support. That being said, the laws tend to favor poor men by encouraging marriage instead of sugar relationships.

Some of the idea that I agree with is

portrayal of “violence against women” as more important than other forms of violence, including “violence against men” (e.g. “never hit a woman/girl, but it is acceptable for a woman to beat a man”) [1]depiction of violence against men as humorous, in the media (e.g., the movie I Love You to Death) [1] and elsewhere (see Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!), when women are equally violent. Kenshin Himura keeps being beaten up by Kaoru in the Anime

I got to admit it’s funny as fuck. I am concerned only when the law actually punishes differently.

equality in child custody, such as shared parenting
pregnancies carried to term despite agreements ahead of time that they would not be, subjecting men to unwanted parental responsibilities and/or child support expectations (see Dubay v. Wells)
The opposite of the above, where a man who may want to have a child also has no right to decide if his wife/girlfriend/etc. decides to abort (see paternal rights and abortion)
Legislation that addresses women’s needs without considering the corresponding need in men (e.g., Women, Infants, and Children Act; Violence Against Women Act)Biases in the justice system against men, such as higher incarceration rates and longer sentences for men (compared to women) for the same crimes; (see Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo)special government agencies for women’s affairs with no corresponding agencies for men’s affairs
men being incarcerated for the inability to pay child support payments [11]lack of legal ramifications or enforcement for paternity fraud

Also, I think many people that got rich productively are not empowered enough. So I may need a term for that. I am not sure. What’s the opposite of socialism?

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