Marriage Real Issue

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

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You’d understand that a woman who raise kids for 20 years, takes care of the household. Which is really fucking hard. While her husband is learning, working, investing, getting promoted. That its a partnership, and all is equal. You dont think she deserves 50% after he dumps her in her 40s for a younger hottie. With no work experience, education in some cases, to start all over.
A contract is only fair. Dont be a bitch and pay up. Sacrifices are made on both sides.

Dude you got the point. However, that’s not the main issue.

Who talks about leaving her? Man just want to have another one. Most girls do not mind. However, the other males mind. You see? That’s the real reason behind those 50% rule. To prevent rich males from getting a lot.

As whether it’s fair or not, why not let the market decide? Fair means salary should be far higher than severance pay. Fair means beauty and performance should decide compensation rather than the man’s wealth.

Exclusivity agreement? Well, only if both side think it’s really important. After all, loyalty is cheapest for those who have no one else to fuck (i.e. doesn’t sale). Many women prefer studs. That’s definitely outside marriage unless marriage can be privatized.

You don’t agree. Fine. Make your own rule. It’s your contract. Why should government be the pimp and make them?

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