Life Starts at Conception and That is Precisely Why We Should Abort Undesirable Babies

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I believe life starts at conception. In fact, earlier. If we follow the string of karma, then a child life starts with when their parents meet, and even before.

Not only life starts at conception, many important things on a person’s life already finish at conception. The genes, for example, will never change again for the whole of the person’s life.

And that is precisely why I support abortion. Fuck. Not only abortion should be an option for a woman, it should be mandatory if the kid will be on welfare or the mom can’t secure funding to raise the child consensually.
Why? Because life starts at conception. And so many things are already decided by that time.

If you want productive citizens that add value to the society, you got to start fixing the problem BEFORE the child is conceived.

Once the child is conceived, it’s too late to fix anything. The child’s IQ is pretty much predetermined. His chance of being a robbers, burglars, and so on, is already decided. His talent in Math and stuffs are already done.
So many leftists think that we can improve the economy by government investing in economically worthless children. The truth, when government interfere, with cheaper education, free food, welfare, whatever, its’ already too late. Way too late.

If the genes sucks, if the parents are not economically productive, than, on average, the kids will be sucks too. Would it always happen? No. But life is gamble and we always have to pick gambles with highest expected value (after taking into account risks).

It’ll probably cost say $200k of governments’ hand out to raise a welfare children. It costs $0 of governments hand out to raise Bill Gates or Elon Musk or Einstein’s children. Yet, children of those who contributed to society are hundreds of time more likely to be productive citizens for the society at one hundredth’s time the cost.

For every budget spent by government to raise a child on welfare, that government can get many more people like Einsteins, Gates, and Elons, for free. Their parents pay for all the child’s expenses, and most likely taxed when doing that.

When the genes are bad, better abort.

Public school is an investment, leftists say. Sure. Pouring money to welfare children is an investment. Really really bad investment. If somehow the mom wants to abort, and any economically rational humans will suggest aborting.

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