Libertarian Eugenic

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I’d say the closest thing that I support is libertarian eugenic. It’s eugenic not counting on government killing the inferior and promoting the superior. It’s eugenic based on free market.

We all want the best genes for our offspring.

The word libertarian eugenic in wikipedia is redirected to assisted reproductive technology. I think it’s 2 totally different things.

Assisted reproductive technology is fine. It’s one of those things that happen on libertarianism.

However, you can increase your offspring’s genetic quality by simply picking the smart. My girlfriend is a student in a state university. V has a dream to work in Germany. L is a smart instagram girl. M sells stuff online. N is a beauty queen. Aging one, but still, she has the best spec. F is the most successful insurance seller. I graduated as an engineer from an American university.

None of those really matter. Women are sex objects. I bet my ass none of them is using their actual skill in real life years from now. However, all those other achievements signal why I am attracted to them.

W, is a massage therapist. She’s actually the most beautiful among the others. But her IQ is only 100. I think I’ll pick her last.

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