Land of The Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee And Place for the Balllessssssssssssssssssssss

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

i like the description you gave of ind. it sounds similar to china as well. 🙂 when i looked for my secretary i told her beforehand if she would resist if i wanted her to provide other ‘special’ things hehe.

ha ha ha. In US you can’t do that. Some peee country. Land of the peeeeeeeeeeeeee……

Now I see why people love communism. How else can we abuse our workers and our women? Under capitalism? Think again. Even if prostitution is free, it’s like what, $1k for a massage section done by ugly hoes?

I don’t beat up my wife. I think I should spank her nekkid ass till she do her job better. It’s just that she often hit back . Christians….. In what country does that beardy talk again? What was the religion again? There is a reason why the word hau (good) in china, is women kneeling under a house (sucking cock). Next time, I won’t have a wife. I’ll just have secretaries.

Wooden pony ordered. Honey, look what I bought for you..

Looks like communism has an upside. The best and brightest do not get money, but get something far more important. Powah to oppress the mass. Long live karl marx. Way to go. Great system you have here.

Yea, keep voting for socialism commies. I put up enough with all this socialist nonsense and is going to take advantage of “the game” or whatever you put on my plate. Winners will always be winners anyway.

Looks like in Europe, it’s the womyn that got balls.

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