Land Value Tax

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Land value tax is like the maintenance fee you paid to your apartment.

Landlords are like governments. People say that land is not created. Sure.

But the huge value in the land is indeed created. It’s quite natural then to ensure that whoever creates those value benefit from those value. Say by land taxes and stuff.

I think a good way to settle the land of Indian is the following. The Indian and Palestinians may have owned the land. However, that means little.

However, the land value belongs to American that builds the land.

Imagine a deserted land or even sea. What’s the land value there? Say 10 cents a meter square. A society comes and develops those land. They build infrastructures and stuff. There are people and shops near the land. Who creates those values? The society as a whole. So it’s natural that the one benefiting from the value in society. It’s natural that society tax land value.

Now the land cost $1 a meter square.

Bob buys the land. Then Bob builds an apartment on top of it. Now the place worth $3 a meter square. Who should own the house? Bob. Anyone can live in Bob’s apartment and pay rent for it. Of course, Bob can sell the apartment unit too, but you got the point.

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