Key for World Peace and Prosperity. Libertarianism or Democracy?

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Basically I like to analyze ideologies. Rather than agreeing or disagreeing, I see what I want from an ideology, what I like, what people like, and how some ideologies can achieve some of what their proponents want.
Most people, when they think ideologies, they think in terms of right or wrong. Libertarians think it’s right to do as you please as long as you don’t violate rights for others. Theocracy think it’s right to do what you want as long as religions approve. Democracy think that the people should rule and when there’s a dispute, the majority should be chosen.
I like to see it from another angle. I wanna see, how does it work? I see ideologies as ways to achieve something. Ideologies are ways to run a country. Ideologies are like business techniques.
Whether it’s good or not is a bit tricky when it comes to ideologies. Businesses have very clear goal, make money. Business have clear measurable goals. Every shareholders want max ROI.
Ideologies are not like that. An ideology don’t have a clear goal. So someone running a country may fail, get their country conquered or poor, and they may still think that nothing is wrong with the ideology.
Right or wrong, I want to analyze. At least if we see the result we can examine what we do.
I like to compare libertarianism and democracy but it’s like comparing apple to orange.
I like libertarianism more. However, libertarian is more like an ideal rather than practical. There is no libertarian country in the world. Most libertarians think that the world should be libertarian without thinking too much on how exactly it should be done. They just think that unlibertarians aspects are wrong.
Many libertarians blame many things. Corrupt officials, corporate lobbyists, welfare parasites, all those without even trying to understand why those things exist. I think we need to see things from everything is part of the game kind of thing and if you don’t like it, you need to know how to prevent it.
In general, if you think something else is wrong, then you are wrong. True politicians don’t blame anyone but look at what he can do.
A democracy is more balanced. It has an ideal, namely that the majority rule. It’s also practical. That is because with voting we got at least 51% people supporting a candidate. We don’t have that under libertarianism.
Overall, democracy is fine. It’s not bad. It’s good at avoiding extremely bad rulers actually. Libertarians, on the other hand, are often not practical. Under democracy, many voters are worse off under libertarianism. Obviously people won’t vote or fight against their interests. Hence, rarely, libertarian parties win election.
If libertarians party can’t win elections, how can it win war? Well. Libertarians, being peaceful, hate war even more than voting. So yea, that’s how far libertarians go I guess.
I would rank democracy as 3rd most important factor on world peace and prosperity.
I think something like libertarianism is the only way to achieve peace and prosperity. Only if people’s interests are properly aligned to prosperity as a whole we will have peace and prosperity. So a good way to know whether something lead to peace are whether things lead to libertarianism.
I would say the 5 most influential factors are
1. Nuke. I saw game theory analysis how total cost of war is actually decreasing quadratic ally if cost of war is huge. Nuke makes the cost of war is huge. And that is why we have peace. This is something libertarians don’t care. We are not in natural NAP. In generals, humans need really big stick to be “good”. That stick is called mutually assured destruction scheme.
2. Wesphalian sovereign. It’s statist in theory but libertarian in practice. It says that one state cannot interfere with others’ state. States effectively compete with one another instead of attacking one another. When states compete, they are like shops. It doesn’t matter too much how they are governed. We don’t care how shops are governed do we? Most shops are governed by dictators called owners. Still, I got better justice from online shops’ dispute than from normal judges.
3. Democracy. It makes civil war less likely. It forced kings to compete and provide value for the people. It has weaknesses. Unlike libertarianism, democracy have “muscle”. Anything decided by democracy is supported by a lot of people.
4. Bitcoin. Imagine if money itself can’t be controlled by governments.
5. Start ups. Private companies, like Google, Uber, and Microsoft is now more powerful than states.

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