Just Legalize Infanticide?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Just legalize infanticide till 1 year, make it mandatory for welfare recipients. Problems solved.

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For those who say that’s cruel. I really can’t see the difference between not born and young. Why is that a big difference anyway?

One thing I do know is welfare is bad, capitalism good.

Humans’ lives are valuable. Not all humans’ lives are equally valuable. Also, humans’ lives are not valued equally by most people.

If you really value humans’ life equally you would be feeding the African.

Of course, you don’t. Of course, you value your own children and your own life. So why all this pretend to save babies that’s not yours anyway?

Humans’ lives vary and we don’t really have a market price because we can’t buy and sell that yet. I’d say it’s cheap when the kid is young peaking up to max value pretty much at 20-50 depending on money-making ability. For women, it probably peaks up at 18.

There is a continuity here. Sufficiently differentiable functions. Why add some unexplainable Diract function on some arbitrary moments on the derivative.

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