Is Welfare Program Really Evil?

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When I was young I paid heavy tax.

Then I went to a supermarket.

A fat black lady, smiling at me, is buying food with food stamps.

“Argh,” I said to my self, “It’s my money. Hik hik… I am a slave to the majestic welfare kings and queens.”

I had wanted to click my shoes and salute my newly recognized master right in front of everyone.

I am tired of people claiming they are enslaved by capitalists. I’d like to who are the real bosses.

However, the smile is non hostile. This woman may need it to feed their kids, which she shouldn’t have made. I made a lot.

Somehow, I just don’t feel like making a big deal about it no matter how I rationalized it. My mind says “It’s wrong”, but my emotion says, “Let it go.”

At that time I didn’t realized that our emotion is genetically proven algorithm tested over trillions of years.

Kong Fu Chu said that if there is a logical way to get rich he wants to get rich. If there isn’t, he’ll just follow his feeling.

I was rational. I didn’t listen to my feeling.

At that time I admire the Republican Party a lot because they support lower tax.

At least someone is voicing freedom in a supposedly free country.

However, now I realized that there are aspects of life economy classes don’t cover.

You see… Good or bad is always relative and subjective.

Sure, welfare program is bad. However, it’s bad relative to what and for whom?

Obviously it’s good for the recipient. It’s bad for the productive. However, even though it’s bad for the productive, how bad is it relative to other schemes it may replace?

Governments conjure tariffs and trades. Governments subsidize farm products and obsolete industry. Governments kill foreigners for oil industry.

There are plenty of sex laws against consensual sex.

If paying welfare check can allow us to buy enough votes to replace those even greater dangers, is welfare still bad?

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