Is US More Free than Indonesia?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

In what sense?

If we look at the law, then US laws are more libertarian. You are freer to do more in US. At least in the surface.

Porn, for example, is legal in US, but illegal in Indonesia. American porn is boring though.

Sex outside marriage? Borderline. Both are legal in both countries. Indonesia recently had bills wanting to prohibit that but the bill doesn’t pass through given that most marriage in Indonesia is informal anyway.

In US, there used to be laws against fornication, I’ve heard, and marriage must be monogamy. There is a price control for sex outside marriage in the form of the maximum wage. You can have sex for marriage but you can’t pay for it. Paying for sex seems to be the most cost effective way richer guys can get laid (and eventually have heirs). Looks like a bit of a checkmate here.

However, in practice, living in Indonesia can be freer than living in US. Why? Because most of the time Indonesians do not enforce their laws too much. In other words, we’re corrupt.

Is it a good thing? Well, sort of double edge.

In US, female cops would pretend to be a whore and catch guys that are bidding for the whore.

In Indonesia, no female cops would do that. Everybody knows that all those massage therapists are escorts. Is the law enforced? Well, the cops got paid to look the other way around.

Sugar babies are very free in Indonesia. They can offer ppm and so on. If you like each other they can give you heirs and with an informal marriage, society will accept that anyway. Being accepted by society and be able to get along with neighbors is more important for many indonesians.

All my life, I want freedom. The truth is, how free I can be, depends not on the law of the country, but on how much I am willing and able to test the limits.

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