Is the Rich More Productive?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

The idea of capitalism is that we are rewarded based on productivity.I bought clay. I build a house. The price of house is higher than the price of clay. I add value. I make money.

I buy stocks at low price and sell at high price. Do I add value? Well, for whatever reason someone else want to sell low to me and want to buy high from me.

Say someone desperately needs to sell his house. He sells his house to me at lower price. I then slowly rent it and find buyer. Do I add value? Yes. Desperate people are cheap. He probably need to sell his house to cover immediate life threatening expense.

I sell it slowly because I have a bargaining position. That ads value too.I sell a used product. I called it antic. Does that add values? Well. Selling skills count. People are willing to buy things that look better.

Someone sold me insurance with investments. I asked why the value of investments are so little. The truth is there is a huge expense. However, the insurance agent said that some investment can’t be taken early or that there’s a penalty for taking investment early.

Does that add value? It does make the product look better. It’s actually fraudulent. Or what about lobbying governments to prevent import so I can sell stuff at higher price? Does that add value too?

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