Is Religion Forced down the Throat of Individuals?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

There is this theory, there is reality. In theory there is no coercion in religion. After all, any political power that force believes down the throat will face fierce opposition.

In practice, without coercion, religions have lost their main use, namely  a way to get others to do what you want. What can religions do nowadays? Offer better peace of mind? Much fewer would buy, like in Denmark.

So, we got this game where so many “pressure” is done on those who don’t obey and then people hypocritically say there is no compulsion.

There are. There always are. Tons.

For example, in Indonesia, religious leader has power to prohibit importation of meat due to halal issue. Many indonesians, muslims or not, don’t care about the issue. Even reasonably devout muslims may not think it’s a sin to eat chicken slaughtered by machines, which is the normal way to do so.

However, that power is the religious leaders’ bargaining position to make money. Now, the price of chicken in Indonesia is the highest in the world. So is the price of beef. Then recently we found out some corruption case involving, leaders of religious party.

It’s the same game, again, and again and again.

They said, no coercion. But every body has to obey their fatwa of not importing cheaper healthier meat. This is in a country that’s not so rich where children need more nutrition.

Think about it. Of course, you’re going to say, but that’s not what Islam is. Of course it isn’t.

From the beginning, it’s never really about the original religion, whose political circumstances have mostly been irrelevant. From the beginning it’s always power and what those in power want.

Political leaders look upon faith that are most useful to persuade people to die for them, and they promote and enforce it. That’s it.

To be fair, it happens everywhere. Monogamy and feminazism is just another religion shoved down the throat without coercion.

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