Is Morality Relative or Absolute

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Should we think that morality is relative or absolute?

I used to think it’s absolute. No force. No fraud. That’s it. Everything else is okay. Well. That and fairness. Making sure everything is win win, maximizes economy as a whole.

The problem is, what about if we live in the world where everyone is not that moral?

Imagine if you are a jew during nazi and you are told to report to concentration camp? Imagine if you are a businessman that are told to report your income to government.

Should you not commit fraud and be honest because it’s the right thing?

That can mean losing your life.

What about if everyone else scam and lie. Should you be honest yourself?
Imagine governments put $1 million dollar on a pool. Then say don’t steal it. But that’s it. No penalty for stealing. No cctv. Nothing. Everyone is taking money from that pool.

Should you use absolute morality standard and say, stealing is wrong? Or you just see that being moral simply means being “relatively moral”.
If everyone takes $1k, I take $1k.

Do people lie to their dates to get sex? Is everyone else doing it? Is it moral to do so? Should you always keep promises?

Makes me think a lot.

Was Gengish Khan evil for comitting genocide? Was white people evil for enslaving black guys? What did everyone else do at that time? During Gengish Khan time, do other kings commit genocide? During slavery time, do other cultures practice slavery?

Is my government evil for taxing me? Is the tax rate is lower or higher than tax rate in other countries?

Set morality too high and everyone is our enemy/evil. Set morality too low and we’re surrounded by evil people that we think is good. So we should set morality as somewhere between. We have enough people we consider evil and stay away from. Then we hang out with the “good guys”.

But that means morality is relative. That is, we demand as much honesty as honored by say, 80% of the population. If all people are not honest, it’s useless to think that being that honest is good.

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