Is Life Equally Precious?

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In the heart of pro-life movement is the illogical and wrong nonsense that all humans’ life is equally precious. Humans’ life, like any life, can be precious. Equally? Seriously?

Saying that all humans life is equally precious is like saying that an ice cream stands on the street worth as much as Microsoft or Facebook.

They’re equal in a sense. Neither can rob or loot others. However, sold to the market, of course, Microsoft and Facebook worth far more. They’re equal in one sense and unequal in another.

If an ice cream stand go public, it won’t worth more than $10k.

People think life is equally precious. That someone with down syndrome has a life worth that’s the same with a college graduate with 160 IQ. If I have down syndrome, I would want to die.

That all parents will spend an equal amount of money to say, reduce the chance of each child’s death rate by .01%. That the parents will equally likely want to give birth to the child irrelevant of the quality of the child.
We’re not equal. We’re just presumed equal. We don’t want precedents that Bill Gates can kill John Doe and argue that John’s life isn’t worth it.

Also, free market has a way to decide superiority without having government to actively declare some are superior or inferior.

Let each one works and sees which one makes more money. If Ann is very smart and Bob has down syndrome, the law can treat them equal. However, we all know that Ann will make far more money than Bob. We know they’re not equal.

It is precisely because we know they’re not equal we can presume they’re equal. Treat them equally anyway. The market will show which one deserves more money.

However, economically speaking, we are never equal. How many of you want to mix a gene of ugly women with yours and create another baby? We all want the genes of smart pretty girls. The girls? They have their own preferences too.

I am not superior. Many girls want to pick others than me. So? So I learn. I make more money. I do planks. I walk 12k steps a day. I lose weight. I am not equal to the eye of the market.

If girls don’t find me sexy I am inferior and will be exterminated in sexual selection competition. And that’s fair. If I can get girls, I’ll knock up many of them and exterminate others. That too, is fair.

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