Is Libtardism a religion?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

US have first amendment preventing nations to favor “normal” religions. But then, Americans just make new religions that bypass that. Radical feminism, SJW, and libtardisme is a religion. Questioning it is blasphemy.

Note: To say one is not to question is not to claim that no questions are ever asked. The Right quite readily questions Antiracism’s tenets. Key, however, is that among Antiracism adherents, those questions are tartly dismissed as inappropriate and often, predictably, as racist themselves. The questions are received with indignation that one would even ask them, with a running implication that their having been asked is a symptom of, yes, racism’s persistence. <-

Wow. This makes a lot of sense. Certain questions offend religious sensibilities of many that tend to correlate with the interests of some politicians. So you can’t ask that.

It’s like I am asking if women prefer the rich how can there be many kids with poor dad. I can ask that politely but people don’t like to answer that.

It offends some of their faith. It questions whether women prefer the rich or not. It questions how poverty is the result of the choice of the mother. It questions the freedom they have. It questions the feminist ideas that prostitution is illegal to protect women instead of rationing them to poorer men. It questions the purpose of marriage.

Obviously, a richer man can provide more resources even if he has 10 mistresses than a poorer man offering marriage. Richer men are more likely to have the right genes to get rich.

It is a religion. Americans worship mediocrity when it comes to reproductive success.

Everyone is expected to find a mate. It has to be a “couple”.

You can’t have an acceptable sexual relationship between 3-4 people. And then anything that’s outside that is sin/illegal.

It should be based on love because love is blind. If some people are not blind and pick richer guys or thinner prettier girls, then it is either illegal or politically incorrect or unacceptable. Questioning it is blasphemy.

Because men are “equal” every race should have the same performance. There should be as many Asians in NBA as the population percentage. There should be as many blacks in MBA program. Otherwise it’s “oppression” because it violates their dogma.

It questions the equality of humans in making money. It offends so many established beliefs. 

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