Is it Moral to Lose for Having Moral?

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Sometimes I think US lost the war because the moral is too high. And if you lost the war because your moral is too high, then that by itself is immoral.

If Taliban troops kill a bunch of civilians, Taliban don’t care. If Taliban troops take sex slave or grow opium, Taliban don’t care. All they care is if those people serve their purposes or not.

If US contractors, Afgan allies, even pimp, consensually, Afgan girls, they get fucked by US laws. US troops have to get clearance every time they kill a Taliban. I’ve heard one case where 3 out of 4 snipper teams died because they are being surrounded by Taliban because they can’t kill a kid. Is the life of a kid more important than your own soldiers’ life?

Each snipper costs a few millions dollars in training. So what if one or 2 kids got killed. They’re easy to produce.

The way I see it, US put a leash on their allies, and then abandon them. Afgan allies did 95% of the fighting during Obama and 99% of the dying. They die for US, they fight for the US. Taliban can’t launch attack on US because of Afgan allies.

But US just abandons them like that. Now, why would Taiwan, Japan, and the reset care US is their allies? War defending Japan, Taiwan, and the rest will be far more expensive than war against cavemen.

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