Is believing Jesus is God idolatry?

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Well, the arian christians, judaizers (messianic jews are pretty confusing to me) are definitely in the clear. They do not think Jesus is God.

What about the trinitarians?

Trinitarians believe that Jesus is the messiah. So far, it’s probably not idolatry. Rabbi Akiva also believe that Bar Kotba is messiah. So believing that someone is the messiah could not possibly be idolatry given that Akiva is still in good terms with jews.

Now, is messiah God/Son of God?

Let’s examine case where Jesus is indeed God. What about if the christians are right? What about if Jesus is indeed God? Well, then obviously that’s not idolatry. How can believing something true is sin. However, that’s a big if and jews don’t believe that anyway.

The question will lead, to is thinking that messiah is Son of God idolatry?

This is getting tricky. Some jews believe that jews are God’s children. Kaballah taught that God, Israel, and torah are one.

In which case, that means Christians believing Jesus is son of god would be about as idolatrous as jews believing they are God’s children or kaballah believing that Israel is one with God. If even Israel is called children of God, why messiah cannot be called son of God?

To further add the confusion. It’s pretty obvious that kaballah writer know that Israel is not God. They claimed Israel and Torah is the closest manifestation of God on earth.

That adds another complexity because that means whether Jesus is God or not depends not on whether we believe He is Son of God or not, but whether we believe He is Son of God or not, “in what sense”.

Now that’s splitting hair.

So I guess I’ll just spit out many difference flavors of christianity and see what jews think.

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