Is Abortion Murder?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

If abortion murder? Let’s solve this mathematically so we can get what truly matters for “typical” rational voters.

Will criminalizing murder reduce your probability of getting killed? Yes. Most of us are alive simply because murder is illegal.

Will criminalizing abortion reduce your probability of getting killed?

No. To the opposite, abortion reduces crime and poverty. One of the reasons that murder is low is because of the legalization of abortion.

What would someone with IQ 75 do in life? What would you do if you have a child with down syndrome costing extra $20k a year? Create another Microsoft?

Even if abortion is murder, why should you care? Do you care that some kids get murdered in some country in Africa?

Why should you care that it’s in your own country in ways that don’t affect you negatively?

It’s someone else that dies and not your family anyway.

Would you ally with murderers? Let’s put it this way. Say Israel have another war with the Arabs. Who would you side with? Abortion is legal in Israel but illegal in Arab.

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