IQ, Gender, and Race. Which one Makes Good Engineers?

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I wonder how IQ, gender, and race help people get rich. Most engineers are men. There are more Asians and Whites in engineering than blacks and women.

Is this because Asians and Whites have higher IQ or is it because structural racism/sexism?

My take is, if we look at the controversial data point we will never know. It is too political each side will just claim their truth.

It’s like saying 1, 2, 3 and then what? Some would say 4, another would say 5 (set of numbers with less than 2 factors). With just those 3 points, we will never know.So we need more points.

Look at things where racism/sexism don’t exist.

Look at criminals. Do high IQ make more successful criminals? Well, higher IQ people hide bodies better. They hack crypto currency better. Fuck, they even hide and steal legally because they see or create loopholes in the law.

Low IQ people tend to do violent crime more, get shot more, and get caught more. Low IQ people don’t hack crypto exchanges. They rob banks with guns or rob people at night.

So yes, IQ, can make you a more successful criminal. That’s extra data point.

What else can we learn? More men are criminals than women. That means men are more motivated to make money than women. That means men are more willing to take risks for money than women.

Now we can extrapolate. If IQ make you more successful criminals, then it’s quite likely that IQ make you more successful engineers too.

Another thing we can look is at occupation that’s politically incorrect and far less regulated by government. If racism and sexism is a factor, then groups that perform well in engineering will be under represented in groups where governments intervention is less.

Businessmen are less regulated than employee. Crypto entrepreneur is less regulated than any business. What kind of people are in crypto businesses?

Curiously there are more black athletes and there are more successful women strippers and porn stars. If western civilization is sexist and racists toward women and blacks we would expect women strippers to make less money than men.

In my country, for example, stripping is illegal and women got to share income with cops. So my country is sexist against women. Western civilization? Well, when they ban stripping, yes.

Another aspect we can see is in occupation where grading policy is clear. Are there women in NBA?

Those extra data shows that it’s natural ability, such as IQs, that make people successful engineers. Not sexism or racism. Or we can just crunch numbers correctly.

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