Inconsistent Morality

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Ever think that a moral reasoning sometimes make sense, however, applied inconsistently.

For example, someone criticize christianity, or ask christians to bake cakes for gay. But he doesn’t do that to muslims. Here, the moral reasoning may make sense. Why discriminate against gay? However the inconsistencies of how it is applied make things suspicious.

Another sample is the idea that jews must return land stolen during 6 days war to palestines. While the moral reasoning may make sense. You shouldn’t take others’ land, it’s kind of stranget that only jews must do that.

I mean virtually every countries in the world take each other’s land. Even ISIS do that. The life of arabs in israel is already better than the life of jews in palestines.

Or what about the idea that white people have to pay compensation for slavery their ancestors did? That’s despite the fact that so many other cultures practice slavery too. If anything, those white people are the one ending the practice of slavery first.

So what should I, or say, we, when we have issues like this? One way to think about it is that the whole thing is a farce and that’s not the real reason.

The thing with this approach is, it justifies almost everything. Even genocide can be justified given that before and long holocaust there are many other genocide anyway that nobody cares about.

In fact, we owe our current world peace to a system called mutually assured destruction. Basically threat of mass genocide is what keep us line.

Another is to see that the whole moral reasoning is overrated. People do what’s profitable anyway. Also they stick with their allies. Might as well learn politic and forget morality.

Let’s take a look at the case of slavery compensation. Other cultures practice slavery too. However, other cultures are poor. Also in dating apps white men tend to get more women. White men tend to earn a lot of money relative to other cultures.

So the true issue behind slavery compensation is simply marxism where people hate groups that are simply more successful.

Moral reasoning are just ways to sway moderates of those in the middle. This seems a bit cheesy. I like to think like psychopaths and ignore moral. Morality isn’t really science anyway, and hence not worth learning.

What people think as moral is scientific and it is toward our best interests to understand and simply adapt to prevailing moral those in power want, often hypocritically. Yet, this issue kind of bother me.

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