Imagine John

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

John is a very productive individual. He doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t rest, and he doesn’t play.

At age 3, he learned medicine, and past doctor tests with flying color. Then he worked 24 hours a day serving humanity earning $ 1 million dollar per day. John is a very good doctor.

At the age of 40, John realized that he can no longer be at his peak to serve the society. So John then decided to kill himself.

Aaaaoooouuueeuuuueeeeeekkkkk, (sounds of John cutting his own throat). What a man! What a sacrifice! What a determination to be productive! What a role model of selflessness societies have been telling us to become?

Then, what would IRS do to John?

IRS has been continuously robbing John of half of his income. After John is dead, IRS also tax John’s inheritance through cruel inheritance tax.

The money goes to those who eat, sleep, rest, breed, and expect the rest of us to pay the entire bill.

Also, one thief tried to get into John’s dwelling place and accidentally hit the wall. John’s estate is sued and all his wealth went to the thief, legally, in our very liberal court.

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