If women owe no shit to men why should men owe anything to women?

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This got a point. Whether you paid for her dinner, whether you marry her, or whatever, she doesn’t owe you shit.

Good point.

Women has every right to say no for sex under any circumstances. At least according to most western laws they are. There is absolutely no transaction, consensual or not, that oblige women to have sex with anyone.

So why should men owe anything to them? Why should any men agree to marry, commit to pay alimony, etc, if none of those make women owe anything to the men?

I mean, in normal contract, we agree to perform something so they owe us something right. I pay money so McDonald owe me big mac. Imagine if McDonald doesn’t owe me shit whether I pay them or not. I won’t pay McDonald.

In fact, McDonald, consensually advertise their obligation to give me Big Mac when paid. Here, McDonald consent to lose it’s freedom of not giving me McDonald so I pay it money. Is it advantageous for McDonald to have freedom to make such contract with me? Yes. Without being able to make such contract, McDonald won’t be billions of dollars worth of corporation it is.

Imagine employee that says that he owes no shit whether employer pays his salary or not. That employee will never get anyone hiring her. Imagine if all work must be voluntary. No body can be paid for work because it’s demeaning for workers. Will programmers, doctors, and lawyers, be happier?

One out of so many important freedom we have is freedom to lose a freedom. Freedom to owe something. Freedom to sign a contract where we agree to lose some of our freedom. Without that freedom, it’s much harder to persuade others to give us anything.

So why can’t women have that freedom?

Let’s put it this way. What happen if Mc Donald term is similar to marriage. So customer pay and mc donald give burger if the manager feel like it. Also by buying big mac the customer agree to keep paying some life time subscription whether he got burger or not. Then we got tons of customers that pay mcDonald, get nothing in return, forced to pay their subscription, and sent to jail for not paying their life time subscription.

Yea burger king will attract all customers that don’t want to put out with all those nonsense. Burger King is such a whore.

Why doesn’t it happen to women?

Why McDonald and Burger King can whore out their burgers? Why employee can whore out their time? Yet, why can’t women whore out their cunt, and tits, and wombs as easily?

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