If Tax is the Price to Live in a Peaceful Society, Why is the Pricing so Complex?

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I go to McDonald. I am buying 5 BigMacs. I asked how much I should pay?

The cashier asked, what is your income? If your income is from 0 to $10k, it’s 0.01% of your income per burger. If it’s between $10k-$20k, it’s 0.02% on top of it because you are on higher burger brackets. We have a list here.

Why don’t you fill up this form?

I filled up some form. Latter I got arrested by cops for fraud. There is a reasonable suspicion I do not fill my income correctly.

I argued with the judge that the increased valuation of some of my assets shouldn’t count as income. The prosecutor told me that according to some law books on some chapters, I should take into account 80% of it due to my relationship with my ex girlfriend.

My expensive lawyers argue argue and argue. He’s just taking advantage of the situation to bill me more and more hours.

Then, because I have had some history with some tax accountant, I cannot claim that I do not know about it.

I was sentenced for a few years in jail for burger fraud.

When I am out of prison, I go to Burger King. I asked, how much a burger cost? The cashier said, $1. I paid $1. Since then, I never went to McDonald again.

Guess…. Is this really happening or not? Why or why not?

Look this up in google, “Transaction complexity” and why almost no business under free market uses complex nosy pricing.

And for some reason, most governments do.

And it’s not just tax. Almost any deals mandated by government are nosy and complex. Child support. Alimony. Palimony.


Why not make simpler deals where right and wrong is easier to see and easier to enforce (by stop buying) and move on.

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