If People Hate You Harm You Scam You

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

If people hate you, harm you, scam you, threaten you, rob you, tax you, or want to kill you, the number 1 factor is not that you’re wrong or evil.

They will pretend that you deserve it, but that is not why they hate you.

They do so because you’re weak or because they think you’re weak.

And that explains a lot. That explains why socialists demand income taxes from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. That explains the holocaust. That explains most scams and robbery in the world. That explains most ideologies in the world.

If you are weak, they will tax you. Then they will say it’s justice.

The solution is not to pay too much attention to their rhetoric. The solution is to have better bargaining position.

What stops Rusia or China from nuking US? US nukes.

What prevents governments from taxing Bill Gates? Competition among governments.

Liberals often say that pay or die is immoral. There is nothing immoral with pay or die. You’re just weak. That’s why they want to tax you more. They then come up with bullshit that pay or die is immoral.

Or what about the idea that women have right to produce infinite number of children with taxpayers’ money?

Again. They don’t really have that right. They have that right because they have weak suckers, ugh I mean taxpayers, that can be enslaved to pay those.

Ignore the rethoric and you will never have to pay huge taxes again.

And this is why we cannot be too logical. If we’re logical we just see what the rethoric. The rethorics are bullshit. We also need to use our feeling and act consistently on what’s profitable.

Even if were true that pay or die is immoral, why should they tax you to pay for healthcare? Why don’t they tax the chinese, or the japanese, or the russian, or the african for American healthcare? Why do they have to tax american citizens?

Because Americans’ governments got americans‘ taxpayers by the balls. Free your balls from IRS hand. Buy bitcoins, and see tax rate drops like rocks.

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