Idea for Democracy

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I often ask this in mensa and they don’t like the idea. Democracy, as we know have a few problems.

1. Stupid breeding voters problem. So if stupid people breed, they can vote, resulting in dumber and dumber society.

2. Traveling stupid voters problem. People can be stupid, vote socialism/theocracy or whatever crazy things, and then bankrupt his province/state/country, and then emigrate to another country. Hence, stupid ideas “spread” because stupid voters tend to become a refugee. The smart idea doesn’t spread because smart voters like their country and don’t go out.

3. Stupid voters problem. Most decisions in a democracy is too complex for average voters. We have criminalization of drugs because most voters are too stupid to know the drugs are save.

Chrony capitalism is rampant because most voters don’t see the conflict of interests.

Typical corporations, however, don’t have those problems. Shareholders that breed do not have more votes.

New shareholders need to buy more shares before they can vote more. If a shareholder vote badly and bankrupt his company, he can’t just “move” to another company and vote badly again.

Most decisions are made by a smart CEO whose interests are well aligned with shareholders’ interests. I’ve heard people having ideas that nations should be like corporations.

They should have shareholders and citizenship/ownership should be tradeable. Is there an ideology around that? Anyone in Torr has a similar idea?

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