I think people keep bitching about privilege are actually VERY privileged.

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

If you are not privileged, or just normally privileged, life has medium difficulty. Either you git gud and win, or you are dumb and literally die or slaughtered.

Often, you don’t even have to be dumb. Carthagians aren’t dumb. They were slaughtered. The jews aren’t dumb, they were victims of genocide. The chinese weren’t dumb, they were slaughtered by the mongols, manchus, japanese, and fellow chinese.

Life is normally tough.

However, nowadays, thanks to capitalism, we need to be very dumb to fail. Just look at those single mothers. How dumb can a woman be for not picking the rich and considering money before having sex?

Yes they are losers. But they are not losers because they are not privileged. They are losers because they are very dumb and/or ugly. And yet, they still have children and live despite their dumbness. So they must beĀ VERY PRIVILEGED.

How can someone be that dumb and live? Think about it. Privilege. Only the very privileged can afford being very dumb, lazy, and genetically inferior.

Here is another way to see it. Imagine if I were a black female American citizen. Everything about me is still the same. I still have good IQ to join Mensa. I still won international math competitions. I still score perfect in Math GRE and SAT. I am still ambitious and diligent.

Do you think I would have been successful more easily or less easily?

It would have been a slam dunk.

In fact, women are very privileged. Want great programmers? Open legs. Want investors? Open legs. Fuck. They don’t even need to do so to have rich smart children and grandchildren. Just find someone rich and smart and open legs.

If they can’t do that, they must be ugly. And for ugly women to even live and have children and can afford those children, they must be very privileged by welfare, and socialism and so on and so on.

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