I think Libertarianism Should be Moderated

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think pure libertarians is impractical. A little compromise and libertarians can actually win either election or even minor civil war. And that should be what we are aiming for.

No welfare? You think majority of starving people will just vote for that? No. Replace welfare with UBI and TAX children. That’s a far more sensible move. You get enough votes. Most children will have richer parents. Only parents that can fully afford their children and pay those extra tax can have children. No more poverty and socialist voters.

Removing government? You fucking kidding me? Instead, make government behaves like corporation. Each citizen has a share. Not much change, citizens can still vote. One man is still one vote (though some guys can buy more citizenships if the country is really fucked up).

With current voting system the bureaucrats decide where the money go. They just use the money to make problems worse. With UBI the market decide where money go. If poor people use it for drugs, LET THEM. Just make sure they don’t breed.

Allow people to sell citizenship. Don’t like it here? Well, someone else want to get in. Okay you can rent or sell your citizenship. Perhaps people should rent first and then if they are sure they can sell.

Open border? Seriously. If you have open border, there are 1 billion chinese that will happily move. Now I know chinese are diligent and smart and stuff. But they have their own interests that don’t necessarily match yours. What about if communist party told them to vote communism? Voting right and open border don’t mix and if I can choose among 2, democracy is still more practical.

There are plenty of muslims that want to turn your country into shariah. Instead of open border, make immigration simpler like buying and selling shares. Sell visa. If you can pay certain amount per year, you can stay. After that you leave.

A mexican want to work in US? He can just compute amount of money he will make, pay visa fee, move back out. It’s already happening. US and many other countries “give” citizenship in exchange of investments. Many countries give citizenship for surrendering soldiers. It can be cheaper than killing enemies soldiers.

Tax children. Do NOT subsidize children. Can’t afford them don’t breed them. Every children deserve good genes, be wanted, and rich parents. If parents are poor there is NO libertarian solution to fix children with poor parents. The most libertarian solution is let the children starve. That’s not purely libertarian because it’s not the children’s fault. It’s also cruel and won’t win vote.

Subsidize abortion and contraception. Again, if poor guys want to have less children, HELP THE FUCK OUT OF THEM. You want another socialist voters voting for more communism? What the fuck. Most poor kids are simply not genetically suited to contribute to economy. Tax land. Not income. It’s much easier to compute. It doesn’t even have to be precise.

Government can say for these zones the tax is this much per square meter. For that zone the cost is that much. If government tax too much the price will drop and people move out. So as long as tax rate doesn’t change too rapidly people that don’t like it can just move. Ideally this should be proportional to reason.

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