I think 911 is like Covid

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think covid is like 911. You can do a lot to prevent things from happening.

Or, you can bite the bullets. Shit like this can happen once in a while. 0.1 % of the population will die.

Otherwise, they gonna die due to other things. Not like someone is immortal because they don’t get covid or don’t get hit by airplanes.And what? Just swallow it.

Don’t over prevent. Shit happens. It’s life. This is what happens when I managed my bitcoins. I can’t fully prevent my exchange from collapsing. So what? Store all my bitcoin in my own computer?

There are risks too. All I care about is that things are spread out. Yes, I lost many bitcoins (13%) more of my bitcoins due to scam, hack, and shit. It happens. I bite the bullets and move on. I try to make more bitcoins. So is humans’ life. You don’t ensure no one dies. You just breed more children.

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