I never hate poor people and women

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Yea. There are many poor people that have been nice to me. However, paypal, a rich company seized $9600 out of my account. Everyone said they’ll return it after 180 days. So, just for the record, I love poor people, and I love women. I’ve been poor my self.

The truth is, free market, is the best deal for the poorest and for women. The only one benefited by market distortion are just bigots. I’ve never heard government help the poor by much. If redistribution of wealth come in the form of dividend, I probably won’t oppose it by much. The rich can shop for the best countries and globalization will keep tax rate low anyway. The poor can use the dividend to start a business. They can breed more kids only if they really want to and think that the kid worth the whole expense..

Currently, redistribution of wealth comes into the form of marriage trap where strategies that lead to poverty is rewarded while strategies that lead to productivity and wealth is punished.

If Bob and Charlie is poor. Bob work hard and Charile just breed. Government would tax Bob and reward Charlie. How in the earth this is helping the poor? Government is effectively forcing poor people to be Charlie.

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