I got a strange dream

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I became the CEO of a large company.

As part of the corporate benefit, I got two extra wives.

One is a tan caucasian and another a chinese.

I am bored but I fuck the tan one anyway. Then I got an idea of getting some white guy of groping her. I cum easily and move on to the Chinese.

Meanwhile, I am busy negotiating corporate events to support some stuff. I have a hard time negotiating like usual. I thought, well, I am a CEO, why don’t I tell my vice CEO to do that. However, he seems to be very busy. Fuck I got to do it myself.

Latter I’ve heard the tan one have other boyfriend. The white guy I invited. She claims that she is getting DP and HP. I supposed that stands for down payment and handphone.

I don’t know how I feel. Jealous? No. I fear STD. There are paternity tests anyway. I just feel it’s unfair. She is being well paid from corporate funds so it’s not fair for her to moonlight for extra cash and still got salary from me pretty much doing nothing.

Again, another negotiation that I do not know how to do. So I was thinking of contacting HR departments to deal with her.

And then my wife woke me up.

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