I Am Very Dissapointed with Israel

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I am not against Israel. To the opposite, I used to admire them.

There are so few Jews that contribute so much to our world and the world repay them with genocide.

They want a piece of land they call home. Given that they’re prosecuted everywhere else, we can certainly tolerate that.

Yea, Israel has a slightly racist immigration laws. However, many countries, like Arab Saudi also discriminates based on religion.

Not only that, all of our ancestors gets their land through bloodshed. These Jews, at first try to buy their land.

So yea, I admired Israel. At least I used to.

You see, in Arab-Israel conflicts, there used to be many reasons to side with Israel. Those reasons no longer exist.

In my opinion, for example, Arabs and often Muslims are harder to appease than the Jews. In my countries there are plenty of religious extremists demanding so many laws against individual freedom. More over, I cannot understand why anyone would be angry over cartoons. If people can get angry over cartoons, we’ll never know what pissed them of latter. So why bother trying to appease them?

However, most Muslims do not resort to violence and there are religious bigots everywhere from any religions.

I used to think Israel is easier to appease. If only Hamas stop killing the Israelis, then things will go right again.

Well, I was wrong.

Here is what I read in http://www.hoffmania.com/blog/2006/07/total_confusion.html

The portrayal of Israel as the innocent victim in the Gaza conflict is hard to square with the death toll in the months leading up to the current crisis; between September 2005 and June 2006, 144 Palestinians in Gaza were killed by Israeli forces, according to a list compiled by the Israeli human rights group B’tselem; 29 of those killed were children. During the same period, no Israelis were killed as a result of violence from Gaza.

I used to admire US and Israel because they fight terrorists. Terrorists kill civilians. Terrorists damage economy. Now, who are killing civilians? The Israel.

Israel may bitch about 2 of their soldiers that got kidnapped. However, killing thousands of civilians in retaliation is highly disproportionate. For all we know, Israel can always strike Lebanon again when a Lebanese give a bad hair cut to a Jew.

I watch the news carefully. What have Hamas did to Israel since they got elected? Hamas make a 1 sided cease fire. For months. Looks like Israel try to keep pocking them under the pretext that Hamas is so evil and need to be destroyed. Israel seized tax money taken from Palestinians, for example. That’s stealing folks.

All this time, the opponents of Israel are often really really fucked up country. Iraq, for example, is lead by dictators. Most of us would look the other way around if Israel attacks Iran, or the communist North Korea. Perhaps the people there will be better of if they lost the war because that means they’ll effectively be liberated.

I am surprised when I found out that Lebanon is a free market country.

Finally, I used to admire the Jews because I thought they’re very smart. Well, my country just got 4 gold medals in International Olympiad. What do the Israel got? Nothing. If we properly align our interests to productivity, we can be richer than the Jews. They’ve became more like the Nazi, while the rest of us have became more of what they used to be.

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