I agree with the left on many facts

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I actually agree with the left on many facts. I just disagree on objectives. What they think is oppression, I think is justice.

Poor people can’t afford food and healthcare?

That’s not a problem on my book. So get rich. Get filthy rich. Get rich first before breeding. Problems solved. Fail to serve the market, then die.

That’s justice to me. That’s not a problem at all.

Women left by their husband or boyfriend after getting pregnant? Well. Why does the girl choose a mate based on love or marriage?

Imagine you’re selling widget. Instead of demanding money out of your widget you just choose someone that you fall in love with and give your widget and get nothing. Or make a complex contract with no fault divorce rules. Then what?

Just make a deal with some millionaires of child support amount. Behind every poor kid, there is a woman that does not think like a capitalist.

Poverty is the market way of punishing women that don’t think like whore.

Oh ya, the right is not helping either. They prohibit abortion, don’t subsidize contraception, and advocate abstinence instead of just sterilization. They also promote disgusting government infected marriage.

So yea. I am a centrist I guess.

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