How to make people love me?

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When I was a kid, I wonder how to make people like and love me?

Then I got an idea.

I do not need people to like and love me. I need people to be useful to me.


That’s actually easier problems to solve. Just keep things transactional. People will be useful to me if and only if I am useful to them. That is in the absence of force and fraud and within reasonable negotiation.

Also, be nice to people that are good to me and be mean or don’t care about people that are mean to me.

What about if people are useful to me but not good? Say I scammed people (usually after they fucked me up first).

I have no idea what to do with that one. Just stay away from evil people I guess.

What about if people are not useful to me but love me? For example, my ex wife loves me, and because of that she is religious and demand I care about religion?

I would say, useful is more important than love. Hell, someone that chop off your head may do it out of love because he/she thinks you will have less punishments in hell. Fuck. Chop his head first.

Trade tend to lead to balanced relationship.

In fact, if I am too generous, I will run into problems latter. For example, the benefit may not be balanced, etc.

What about love? Well, loving one another is of course preferable to a certain extend. However, it’s hardly necessary. Self interest is often sufficient.

Do Americans want to kill the Chinese? No right. Mutual trades make people do nice things to one another. When people do nice things to one another, they tend to love one another, even though a little. And that’s enough.

Imagine if instead of trading with one another, the American and Chinese just throw nukes to one another. Of course they will hate another.

What matters is history of being nice to one another that can be achieved through trade. Love is an unnecessary by product that may not even be needed.

Same with women I guess.

Just trade, at least at the beginning. Transactions lead to repeat orders. And the love is probably stronger than most marriage. At least it’s less likely to end up in, say, murder.

Love often turns to hatred, but trade leads to at least a little love and that’s all it takes.

In fact, I found love to be problematic. So many women associate love with monogamy. Then they blame the man for having another woman. Then they hate the man.

I would say, start with trade, maintain the relationship through trade, make trades as explicit as possible. Everything will be fine. Worse come to worse you have a mutually beneficial transaction history and a good reputation.

You can be friends. Friendzones with trade zone is great. Who the fuck want to be in wife zone anyway? If she is your friend and you can pay her to fuck, and produce biological heirs, that’s as good as it goes.

Trade is what builds the whole capitalistic system. It works everywhere. This is why those who hate capitalism opposes trading sex.

In fact, trade is the most natural human interaction. The more things count on love, or morality, the more it doesn’t work.

Humans are naturally selfish. Counting on anything but selfishness is unreliable. The more something works only if people are loving or moral the more something isn’t natural and will fail. There is a reason why 50% of marriage ends in divorce. Modern marriage is very unnatural.

Moral of the story: trade.

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