How to Improve Lives of Everyone

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I don’t believe that cops are biased against black as much as I don’t believe Mensa is biased against black.

But perhaps there are other policies that while not racist in the letter, racist in spirit that should be fixed.

War on drugs is war on black according to a Nobel laureate Milton Friedman.

Quite obviously, affirmative action is, of course, war on Asian.

The minimum wage is also war on black. Before, racist employers will be driven out of business if they refuse to hire people that sell their service at lower price.

Now racist employers and even governments can select whites to work because of the minimum wage. Again, this is also the opinion of great Milton Friedman himself.

I read a book Freakeconomic. It says that many black drug dealers actually earn less than minimum wage and have higher death rate than those that live in deathrows. They asked the researchers for “dream job” which are minimum wage jobs.

Want to improve life of everyone including people of color? Free market capitalism is the way the truth and the light.

All this BLM bullshit is made by far left crazies to justify communist measures like minimum wages, welfare, etc.

They don’t fight for black people. They fight for economically worthless people in general.

They fight against economic freedom and prosperity and hence are enemies of humanity.

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