How the 98 persent can Benefit from the Wealth of the 2 percents?

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I am a bit socialist you know, we need stability and support from a large number of people and I think feudalism sucks.

I am a socialist as Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew is a socialist.

I actually have an idea how the 98% can be richer that also enrich the 2%. The 98% can use strategies done by the 2%. How?
There are basically 4 ways

  1. Buy Microsoft stocks. The problem with this strategy is that while Bill Gates is very wise, his wisdom is already taken into account in the Microsoft share price. The bottom 20% will have a mere 1% of Microsoft’s share even if they put all their money. Not good enough. I’d rather buy bitcoin.
  2. Let only the super rich vote. The problem with this is that unlike in corporations, democracy is filled with tons of conflict of interests. If only the super-rich vote we will all be literally slave. Not socialist enough.
  3. Rearrange the government to be like corporations. Tada. 98% of the people will have 98% of the stocks, like in normal democracy, but their interests are properly aligned like in well-functioning corporations. Now, they can just follow the strategy of the 2 percenters. Basically, reduce or eliminate conflict of interests among voting blocs. Allow voting right to be bought and sold at fair market price. A bit like shares.
  4. Pick someone rich, pay for his lunch, listen to his advice. That’s how I did it btw. It works. No amount of book can teach you how to get rich more than having rich friends. The one thing I need from the rich is their wisdom, not their money. I always think it’s true even when I was poor.

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