How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

those who make more has to pay? Of course they do. They’re not in business of making kids anyway.

When sex is free, women prefer the rich. Does the liberal mind? Not at all. They’re pro free sex.

What about the religious fascist right wings? About half of them hate market distortion. This will create less market distortion. They also hate welfare programs. Well, if the poor make fewer kids, there will be less welfare.

Many of them are rich and pro-life. These people want to breed. Now they can make thousands of kids. They want parents to be responsible for their kids. Under our system, parents are financially responsible for their own kids fully.

Many of the religious fascist opposes free sex. Why? Because they’re unsexy. They’re concern that they’re not attractive enough to attract high quality (or quantity mates).

However, inter society competition means that any males in rich countries can simply attract females in poorer countries. Also, making countries rich mean there are more rich males for females to choose from.

The only people who would oppose it are corrupt politicians. But they are minority. Most of them can switch job to businessmen and make even more money.

With all these benefits, do you think you can get 50% vote? Of course you can. If you cannot, make the deal sweeter for those who are easy to appease, till you get 50%.

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