How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

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Imagine if you’re a poor kid. You can’t just get governments’ grant to start a business. No. Governments grant come in the form of public school. So you go to public school. Then, you learn garbage after garbage in public schools. All those are just meant to slow you down so you suffer. You can choose to learn faster but the system is designed so everyone moves at the same speed. Then you graduate. You can pick occupation with low supply and high demand. Governments will simply allow immigrants to come for such occupation. You can be thrifty, but governments will simply punish thrifts by cheap housing projects.

You can choose to make fewer kids, but with citizenship coming free, those who make fewer kids receive less governments’ money for his household. Governments simply spend more money to pay for kids’ school. So you get less governments money for making less kids.

You can be entrepreneurs, like I am, but then governments institute minimum wage and many job regulation that’s effectively implicit wealth redistribution from entrepreneurs to workers. Imagine every citizen, jobless or with job, rich, and poor, get the same amount of cash. Then you’ll pay fewer penalties for being productive.

When you’re in school, you can learn faster. That’s money and time saving. All the money governments would otherwise spend for a long schooling will go to you. So, you get your degree earlier, younger, and richer. You can pick courses that have low supply and high demand. That means higher market value and higher salary.

You can leave in your parents’ house. So you’re not penalized for not being thrifty. You can postpone making kids till you’re richer. That means you don’t lost opportunity to get governments grants, because you get the same amount of money anyway whether you

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