How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Relaxing these rules will go along way in giving the poor and middle class the bargaining position to demand more money from the rich, which is what the liberals are doing.

Many people get rich because they have rare talents. When rich people make more kids and the poor make less the rare talents will no longer be rare. The abundance talents, like menial works, will be rarer. The market values the rare. Hence, in the future generation, there will be less wealth disparity.

This is just common sense. If the price of corn drops below the production costs, the natural thinking is to stop producing corns.

Yet, our economic systems encourage production of unproductive people while reducing the reproduction of productive people through various laws against consensual sex and welfare programs. If the rich make more kids, they will split their inheritance to more kids. Hence, each kid gets less. That way, in the future, future generation will have more equal starting condition.

More Choices and Chance for the Poor

Say, for example, we incorrectly deem a person as inferior and prevent that person from breeding. Say that person disagrees and wants to breed anyway. That’s easy. Such person can simply proof their worthiness by serving the market, rather than serving the enemies. After that they can make many many kids. In worst cases they’ll live higher standard of living.

Currently, many poor people all over the world live with little chance to build empire and get rich. Large amount of money is spent for them, or at least as a pretext. Yet all those money just evaporate because governments touch it.

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