How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

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they can afford, namely the kids that are born into poverty, and tax payers that’ll end up paying the tag.

More Productive People

The sole purpose why we motivate people to perform a certain act is to increase the number of people that perform the act.

We do not need the productive to live more extravagant life. We need them everyone to be like them. Better living standard is just one way. Encouraging them to make more kids will work even better.

We do not need the parasites to suffer. We just need them to make fewer kids. It’ll be far more humane and motivational if economic productivity is linked to gene pool survival rather than luxury. After all, the true benefits of capitalism do not come from the fact that those making better products or services live more luxuriously. The main benefits come from the fact that such people have the intensive and capability to make more such products and services. At the end, the best products and services proliferates the market while inferior products are driven out.

That’s why we have better and better products.

The same way, rewarding productive people by allowing them to make more kids will make the world full with better and better productive people.

Some of you will say that the rich make fewer kids because they do not want to make kids. Well, check out

There are many rules that prevent rich individuals from making many kids.

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