How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

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terms of making kids. A slight increase in marginal costs, including opportunity costs, in making kids will motivate them to make much less kids.

Due to this elasticity, poor people tend to prefer more money rather than more kids and rich people tend to prefer more kids rather than more money. If governments are selling licenses to make more kids, for example, then the rich are willing to pay say $10,000 per kid while the poor are not willing to pay $100.

When two people value the same thing, differently, they will both be better of if each one gets what he values more even at the sacrifice of what he values less. So both the rich and the poor will be better of if the poor get more cash and the rich make more kids.

Less Market Distortion

Many rich people complaint that if we just give money away to the poor, then we’ll encourage people to be unproductive. So, they evaporate the wealth redistribution first through public education and various inefficient governments program. At the end, the poor only gets money under the terms that make it difficult for them to get rich. Wealth redistribution becomes so highly inefficient the poor demand more wealth redistribution.

The rich pay a lot, and the poor are still homeless.

Nowadays, the rich do not have to worry. Let everyone use their citizenship dividend in anyway they want in accordance with the market mechanism. If they failed to get rich, they won’t make kids anyway.

Governments can vasectomies anyone making more kids than what they can afford. Such acts are not victimless after all. There are victims when people make more kids than what

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