How Taxing Kids, Instead Of Income, Can Help The Poor

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If governments’ pay dividend then citizenships will be like stocks and countries will be like businesses. Now, if you make more kids, do you get more stocks? No. To get more stocks, you either need to buy more or perform a certain service that’ll get you more stocks.

The same way, currently, most governments grant citizenship based on two principles. First is based on place of birth. The other is based on parenthood.

Neither aligns humans’ interests to productivity. Many people, for example, deliberately try to bear their child in US to get US citizenship, and immigration officers are trained to kick tourists out simply because the tourists are pregnant. Moving to US before bearing a child is not a productive endeavor. Paying US’ government for citizenship is. Moreover, being a tourist is victimless regardless of pregnancy status.

If citizenship is granted based on parenthood, then parents that make more kids will get more citizenships. This will actually reduce, rather than increase the marginal costs of producing kids. Such is the way most governments are doing it by public funding, etc. Hence, it will encourage reproduction beyond their optimal economic value, especially among those who are not productive economically.

Citizenship as Companies Stocks

If citizenships entitle a person for a redistribution of wealth, or some power like voting, then it has a market value. Naturally, anyone that wants his son to have citizenships or stocks should buy the citizenship first from others.

Those who do not bother making kids, or a couple who make only 1 kid can sell their citizenship at a market price to add their kids’ wealth. Poor people will have a choice to make fewer kids in exchange of higher standard of living. Hence, even the poorest most unproductive people will have decent standard of living through the dividend straight forward welfare and inherited parents’ citizenship, except that they can’t make any kids till they’re rich.

By requiring anyone that wants to make more kids to either buy citizenship straight from newly issued citizenship from their governments at market price, or from others, we increase the marginal costs of making kids. Poor people have higher price elasticity in

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