How Sugar Daddies Differ from Prostitution

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Who says I do not care about who I fuck and whether they like me or not? I care a lot. I tested their IQ. I do not fuck girls I do not want to spend my life with.

And obviously I want them to like me too. I wish one day, I can stop paying and just financially support because I care, and the girl fuck me because she wants to. That’s not possible in new relationship.

Our children are my heirs. It’s not just sex. I never want girls just for sex (except handjob).

After years of experience, I learn that the best way to make sugar babies like me is to just pay them.

Many of you are wealthier than I am. Fine. How many of you earn 100 times more than your country’s per capita income? How many of you are 1 percent in your country?

How many of guys like smart pretty girls at 18-22 irrelevant of status? Irrelevant whether they come from a poor family. Hey, I can accept whores. I like slutty exhibitionist girls. My problem with my current wife is once she’s with me she doesn’t want to try even a soft swing.

How many are like me?

Now if you are like me and that’s the objective, then yea, the best way to seduce them is to pay

Also unlike most people, I do not intend to bequeth my money to anyone that is not my bloodline. That’s not how marriage used to work and I won’t let libtard govern our relationship.

My money, my children. There’s plenty for me and my girls to have fun with. If they divorce me, they got what they already got, which is not small. Also, they got investment tips and biz and child support, etc. So I am not giving bad deals either.

I am also polyamorist. I don’t mind sharing and I obviously prefer more than 1.

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