How Small Libertarian Parties Can Win

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

What you said is just an ideal that’ll never be achievable.

The theorems gdb told me give me ideas.

Perhaps libertarian party can pinpoint something BOTH parties are against.

What about,

Legalization of prostitution
Legalization of Marijuana
Eliminate Public School

As GDP said, the median vote theorem only works when issues are not single dimensional. If BOTH parties hate something, there is a second dimension at least.

Just find an issue both sides hate. Put libertarian position in a way that it’ll steal votes from parties that are least libertarian. A small parties with small number of people can stir the world. Ask Jews Smiley

Parties do not want libertarian party to “steal” their votes. Remember, every vote counts. It’s close to stalemate here. Even though libertarian party cannot win, it can be a great “king maker.” So, they too will move their position toward more libertarian idea. Or something like that.

Tell voters, that they will vote for Libertarian unless the republican change their stance on this or that. Do some math on people’s demographic and pin point the optimum stand for this kind of game.

Basically the way democracy work is we don’t really pick rulers at the poll. What we do is we change the position of the parties at the poll based on their believe of what we want and their understanding that we can vote. A fine distinction. Your founding father is a genius. It’s not perfect, it’s as good as it gets, at least for now.

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