How selfish Humans Are

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I once heard from a church about a church donating money to the poor in a village. The village head demand that they obtain “licenses”. The church see about all the starving villagers get almost nothing and the village head is getting all as bribe. How can people be so callous that they get all the donation in the middle of so many poor people?
However, the message don’t seem to come across at all to a family I had. My uncle says that you can’t just let everyone to donate without licenses. It may causes social problems. What about if some group get and another don’t. People will get jealous to each other. So the solution is to get the donation “regulated” by the officials? It makes me think a lot. Are these people so evil that they think stat-ism is a good idea?
Or are they actually just like me? I can make money through capitalistic mean. So I think it’s evil to steal. I don’t have to steal. That village head has no way to make money through capitalistic mean. So he steal. And my uncle? Like most people he is just ignorant because he doesn’t care.
We are all selfish and care so little about others. Any system that doesn’t count on properly aligning greed to productivity is destined to fail.

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