How Karma Really Work

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Sometimes I wonder if shitty things or good things are karma. Not justice. No. Not fairness. No. Just karma. Karma is cause and effect. For example, if I befriend many evil people, I don’t deserve to be killed. However, I will. If I only befriend good people, I will have no friend.

Things like so many white people hate themselves because their ancestors did some crazy things. Or jews got holocaust because their ancestors mass murdered Cannaites. Or many countries are poor for not being capitalistic.

So whatever I do, I will always generate karma. Not all are bad. Some are good. And you get both. White ancestors did great things, like doing capitalism. So they’re rich. But some bad things they did will haunt them too. They get both.

Jews contributed a lot to economy. So they got rich. But some of the bad things follow them too.

The muslims are faithful. So they kill each other based on faith. That’s karma. But they are also able to have more descendants. That’s karma too.

It’s karma. You get good and the bad. If we understand more about how the strings work we reach enlightenment. Then what? Then things cease?

It’s not as simple as A causes B causes C. It’s more like A causes B1, B2, B3, B4, causing C1, C2, C3, C4… then it comes back. One of the leg of the initial cause is one of your own act. One of the effect will affect you.

Jews got Holocaust because the Germans needed a scapegoat

Those are the “direct” causes. I don’t lock my doors and then someone steal my stuff. Why is my stuff stolen? Because I don’t lock my doors or because someone else stolen my stuff.

Both are true.

The chains of cause and effect are long.

The jews were rich causing envy. Again, fair or not fair, that’s just how cause and effect works. Christianity is a branch of judaism. It justify genocide because the bible says it’s okay.

Also, they’re mainly traders and merchants. Huge wealth without huge power is more of a liability. In fact, not until US it’s really possible. The law of nature used to be you need to be powerful to be rich. Kings and lords used to be rich, not merchants.

People that are rich financially but weak politically are prone to be scapegoats. That’s karma. If someone wants to pick some scapegoats, who would that be? Putin or Bill Gates? The former can kill your whole family.

Then? What? It’s a very long chain.

If I say I got my stuff stolen because someone else stole my stuff, I cannot do anything about it.

However, if I say I got my stuff stolen because I didn’t lock my doors, I will see something I could have done.

What? I don’t know.

Politics are complex and we often don’t know causes and effect. We believes on some theory but those are often prejudices. All those prejudices will lead to bad karma again in the future. False beliefs lead to bad karma.

I am not “judging” the jews as guilty. To the opposite, I am thinking what should I have done if I were them? The chinese in Indonesia is a bit like those jews you know. I want to know.

Often showing the string between what I do and what happens to me make it look like I am judging my self. The truth is, it’s more of an empowering message. It shows me how I can improve my self in the future.

I think Epstein is on to something. He isn’t just rich. He is also very politically connected. Even he failed. You think Epstein is a criminal.

The truth is, if the guy is as clean as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, people would still hate the rich. If you’re not well connected, how do you protect yourself from the mobs?

Life is complex. There is no one right strategy. We are told to be “moral”. But what others think is moral often lead to suffering. Marriage, monogamy, religions, joining the army, and so on. Being immoral will lead to suffering too. Jail. Artificial suicide.

It’s not like you are evil therefore people will hate you. It’s more like you are rich, they will hate you anyway, and they’ll find a reason. That’s how karma works.

That’s what happened in holocaust I think. So if now many say jews control the media, even if it’s true, it’s also karma. After the shit they went through why wouldn’t they?

We saw people. Rich poor. Evil good. We saw nazi we saw other genocidal people. We saw their victim. There is a story that someone asks Buddha, who were we on our past lives? Which one was us? Buddha says that we were all of them. All those people are just manifestation of us showing up again and again and again.

If people do the unthinkable, then it can’t be. That person is just another slightly different version of us. It’s not they that are too unthinkable. It’s we are the one that’s not open minded enough.

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