How Job Protection Works

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

My family members’ friends (actually closer but I won’t reveal) is a contractor. He goes to places and he uses his own workers and get things done. Yet, the locals demand jobs. So he has to give jobs to local so to not being harassed.

The locals did a bad job and lazy. The real reason why they’re hired is that they demand it and harasses this capitalist to provide them with jobs.
The difference between the locals and Americans are that in US it’s legitimate because that’s what the laws say.

In Indonesians’ election, many Indonesian workers protest that the chinese are replacing them. Think about it for a while. The chinese are more expensive than Indonesians. The Indonesians are protesting that people import chinese workers anyway.

My Indonesians’ friend told me that he needs something to get done quickly. His Indonesian workers are too lazy. So he hires them as manager. The manager complaints. This chinese keeps working all the time I can’t sleep managing them.

He’s not the one working. He’s the one managing.

If those Chinese are so diligent why aren’t they richer than americans? Lack of capitalism.

Americans workers’ are lucky. However, luck only go so far. Perseverance and common sense will last long.

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