How I’ve Been Scam

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I’ve been had A LOT. Each is painful. However, this pain is probably what makes me what I am.

1. I used to be a christian wanting monogamy relationship. I didn’t understand why my friends are dating because I thought sex is only after marriage. Then I read evolutionary psychology that told me that church wants to prevent rich guys from having legitimate biological heirs and that’s the true purpose of modern monogamous marriage. Also, the one girl I was in love with, already marries another. That pain is why I avoid marriage, monogamy, romance, and religions like the plague.

2. I teach my business secret to employees so they can be partners. They did it behind my back becoming very tough competitors. Basically, I thought my biz ideas are awesome anyway and no one can compete with me. Well, there is one. Myself. Backstabbing me can be more lucrative than cooperating with me. That sob knows that I am innovative and pretty much see what I am doing and copy it exactly. I finally innovate a way to shield my bizs from his sight and that teaches me nature of bizs.

3. I got a divorce. Indonesia allows no-fault divorce. Still, the divorce cost me a lot. My lawyer kept misleading me. He didn’t tell that Indonesia has no fault divorce. He didn’t tell us that we do not even talk about alimony until the divorce is finalized.

4. That lawyer also encourages me to buy insurance. I thought it’s a good way to see whether he’s honest. Turns out the whole insurance industry in Indonesia is scammy. The money I thought invested is gone for fees. I ended up buying a scammy insurance product that cost 100 times normal fees. Also, in Indonesia, the claim ratio is so low due to scams that insurance fees are around 10 times Singapore. In other words, it’s useless to buy insurance in Indonesia, but insurance companies pay their sales agent well and I fell for that.

5. A sugar baby said she would live with me for 5 months. I thought I will use her to compete with my regular sugar baby. They both conspire to ensure I get as little as possible. I paid a bit too fast to one because I am pissed on the other and I ended up losing $4k. I knocked up another sb and that one ended up becoming my wife but she is too possessive like, well, wife

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