How does Bible Treat Sugar Relationship

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

There is no such thing as biblical marriage. The marriage in the bible is so different than our idea of marriage now we shouldn’t call it marriage. We should call it biblical sugar relationship.

I am not joking. Can you have multiple fuck buddies? Under “normal contemporary” marriage you can’t. Polygamy is illegal. At least not openly or easily. Under sugar relationship, you can. In bible? You can.

Does wealth matter a lot in “normal contemporary” marriage? Nope. We have phrases like “till death due us part, for better or worse”. Those phrases are nowhere in the bible by the way. Repeatedly libtards have claimed that “equality” is more important than money. Is money important in sugar relationships? Yes. What’s in the bible? Well. You buy someone else’s daughters, right?

Are you protected from paternity fraud? Under “normal contemporary marriage” no. You will have to pay child support even if the child isn’t yours precisely because you’re married. Under sugar relationship yes because you’re not presumed to be a father till the tests say so. In the Bible? Yes. Most marriages in ancient times evolve out of ways to ensure paternity.

Do you get marriage licenses from the state? In “normal contemporary marriage” you do. In a sugar relationship, you don’t. In the Bible? Do Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob register their marriage to the state? What state?

So you see… Biblical “marriages” are much closer to sugar relationship than “normal contemporary” civil marriage.

We should stop calling biblical marriage, “marriage”. We should call it a biblical sugar relationship.

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